Botanical Hair Care

Botanical Hair Care


As my interest intensely grows in the world of organic and holistic hair care, so has my product offering. Wildflower Gypsy began in 2015, exactly 3 months after my daughter Chloe was born. At the time, I focused solely on Mama and Baby organic products for obvious reason. But as the months and soon years passed, I realized how my life in the beauty industry kept pouring over into my world of natural living and healthy beauty.

I am insanely excited to peel back the walls and open my world of holistic hair care and organic beauty products with you. With those products, I’m bringing forth my knowledge of aromatherapy and herbalism while combining it with the many years of experience I have in the hair industry. I hope to create an open and honest platform where transparency in ingredients, sourcing and purpose are available.

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I truly care about the client in my chair knowing how to properly use a product at home, as well as knowing what’s IN that product. In a world full of “do this, eat that,” we can find ourselves extremely overwhelmed. That’s where I, Chelsea of Wildflower Gypsy swoops in to help lighten your load. Want to know what a paraben is and why should you avoid it like the plague? Or how phalates can affect your health? I’m your girl.

 What’s even better? All of our products are easily incorporated into your already busy life! Swap out that aerosol dry shampoo spray for our cocoa or chamomile dry shampoo powder {your lungs will thank you}. Tired of spending your hard earned cash on hair oils that leave you hoping for more? Or even better, less {grease!}. I get it lovely! I hear you loud and clear; wishing and praying for something that does its job, while leaving you feeling healthy AND beautiful.



Skin and body care have moved mountains with the green beauty movement and I’m rising to the challenge in the hair realm. I am so utterly happy to share with you simple home hair rituals like a coconut honey shine mask, detoxifying scalp treatment to remove years of product build up, and a scalp exfoliant your pedicurist would be jealous of.

Care to join me on this grand adventure? You will be pleasantly surprised, inspired and curious for more, I promise. Time to nourish, pamper and love on your sweet self with honestly natural, organic flower based hair and scalp products. Hair product junkies unite!


"Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would"





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