Flwr Hair Color Embodiment Consult

Wanting to start a journey within Flwr Hair Color and Care comes from a place of good intention, consciousness over the affects of product usage on our earth, as well as the need + intention to care holistically for your hair beauty rituals. However, this can be overwhelming at times with so much information floating around. I sensed there was a strong need for better guidance, so I created this virtual consult tool! It allows me to guide you on this new beauty movement of returning to your roots + land while empowering self sovereignty in expressing your authentic beauty.   

What is Flwr Hair Color + Care?

Flwr Hair Color and Care are exactly what they sound like; natural hair color and care products made from flowers. We also include nourishing herbs, leaves like cassia, henna + indigo, seeds, roots and more to enhance the best possible outcome. Wildflower Rose has been cultivated on the foundation of 15+ years of experience in the hair industry, plus continual studies within herbalism, aromatherapy and ayurvedic hair care. I come from a place of demanding 100% pure + honest hair color + care without compromising on ability to color, nourish, soothe or support in your FLWR Hair journey. No unpronounceable words, concerning preservatives, toxic dyes or greenwashing.

How is Flwr Hair Color + Care Better Than Traditional Haircare? 

Traditional hair color and most ingredients were grandfathered in during the inception of the FDA in 1938. Nearly 80 years later, the FDA has minimal mandates on the safety of hair color. The most notorious offenders are PPD, Resorcinal, Ammonia, Phthalates, Parabens, etc. The only warning a traditional hair color company must put on their color boxes or inserts is the suggestion of a patch test to see if an allergic response happens. The FDA cannot dictate their ingredients, only suggest a warning. With recent news articles and research coming out with links of cancers to certain hair dye and hair care ingredients, the best way to remain healthy is to avoid it. This holds true for clients AND hairstylists who come in contact with conventional color nearly daily.

Flwr Hair Color + Care chooses a different path. It chooses to use what nature has provided people for hundreds of thousands of years. Think golden blondes, ginger reds, chocolate brunettes, deepest of browns all from leaves + flowers. Plus gentle + supportive botanics are included to support a healthy, happy scalp and hair strands that live their best, lived in, naturally free life. With Flwr Hair Color + Care you can expect to have beautiful, reflective tones that work with your existing natural color instead of a flat or matte "painted" look. Because Wildflower’s suggested colors come from natural plants like henna, hibiscus, chamomile or indigo, you receive multiple benefits which can include stronger strands, balance of scalp flakes or oiliness, softness and immense shine, potentially healthier hair growth and smoother strands. And to top it off, no more worries about scalp irritation, caustic fumes, questionable ingredients or adding to our current environmental issues with chemicals.

Are There Any Limitations When Using Flwr Hair Color + Care?

Yes. As will many things in the world, there are limitations. But don't be discouraged as the benefits and options far outweigh the limits.

Firstly, Flwr Hair Color does not cover grey hair like traditional hair color. Instead, it works with your hairs natural variety in tones making your grey's act like a natural highlight. They typically retain pigment from the Flwr Hair Color, but it shows a lighter tone than your darker strands do.

As a reminder, this Flwr Hair Color Consult may not fully cover hair that contains more than 30% grey. This is due to the more translucent nature of the herbs. I will work with you to find a happy medium and do my best. Results are very individual and cannot be guaranteed.

Secondly, Flwr Hair Color + Care is *Slow Haircare.* There's no real way around this. It forces you to be present and truly treat the coloring or treatment experience as a beauty ritual. Typical processing time on Flwr Hair Color starts at 60 minutes and goes up from there. Take this time to meditate outside, catch up on some reading, finish a creative project, whatever feeds your soul.

Thirdly, Flwr Hair Color is not for everyone. It cannot "lift" your hair color, create bleached or highlighted tones, change from red to blonde or black to brown, etc. If this is something you're looking for, we'd suggest trying to work with a FLWR Hair Color that's similar or close to the depth of your own hair color, pause on lightening services and allow the botanics to replenish your strands.

The Flowers Are Calling Me, How Do I Set Up A Consult for My Own Color or Care Ritual?

This is the easy part. If after reading everything above and you're just as excited about natural hair color as I am, then follow the link below for our initial consult application. Once I receive this form, I will review your wants + needs and email a more specific questionnaire your way to better understand you, your hair history, specific color needs, etc. Then we can schedule a virtual consult!

What's Included in My Consult?

During a New Guest or Returning Guest virtual consult we will talk via email with me, Chelsea, your Holistic Hairstylist & Herbalist.

  • Hair Goals (Color or Care)
  • Hair History
  • Wants + Needs
  • Frustrations + Pain Points
  • Current Hair Regimen and Product Usage
  • Lifestyle Suggestions from Holistic Stylist Chelsea
  • Individual Color Blend Choice
  • 1 (One) Flwr Hair Color Jar
  • Directions on Product Usage
  • Guide on Supplies Needed for Color
  • Flower Hair Color Mixing + Application Guide
  • Aftercare + Maintenance Guidance
  • Any Other Pertinent Information, etc.
  • Available for ONE 10-15 minute "Help" Email or Chat after Consult
  • A Follow Up Email or Chat to Check in on Outcome

Hair Healing Virtual Consult: $150 

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    Important Details:

    There is a NO RETURN or Refund policy on all consults if cancelled within 3 days leading up to consult. No Return or Refunds for missed consults or after consult. I understand life happens and sometimes the advise we hear may not be exactly what we'd hope for. However, in these circumstances I followed through with a consult service and payment must be exchanged regardless of opinion. I do our absolute best to make sure everyone is happy, nourished and on the best possible path with our consults. I want nothing but the best for you on this natural hair color and care journey!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here so I can better direct you.