Welcome to Root + Bloom

Root + Bloom has 2 tiers of Herbal Hairstyling you may choose from:

  • Root is our deep dive into herbalism, hair knowledge, flower hair color, holistic treatments, daily hair care along with the ability to earn commissions through product sales*, virtual one on one consults and customized hair color shipped lovingly straight to your guests door. This is available for stylists who work in salon and those who have chosen to step away from behind the chair.
  • Bloom is more simple for those who want to share Wildflower Gypsy products and earn solely retail product commission* without our consults, hair color offerings or other virtual education. Again, this is open to salon stylists and those who have chosen to step away from the chair, but are still actively licensed.

*Our commission scale on virtual product sales is 15% for both Root + Bloom members. Once you have reached a minimum of $50 in commission, your funds will automatically be deposited into your specified PayPal account. 

For Root Members, virtual consults are a commission of 70%. We will facilitate the training necessary to successfully accomplish virtual consults and Flower Hair Color customization and recommendations, as well as a referral system if necessary. Please be mindful that Wildflower Gypsy is not liable for any mishaps or improper formulas as this is your craft and professional opinion per your unique guest's needs. However, you can always reach out to us for a second opinion or guidance if need be. (Coming Soon)

Root members will have first access to more in-depth educational content, videos and live workshops (in the near future.) To support you in the journey we have created a Root + Bloom Flower Haircolor and Care set strictly for our Root Members. You have the option to choose either Flower Color, Flower Care or both depending on how you see yourself growing in this new way. To see specifics of what's included, please check it out here.

*Please remember, Bloom members only have the ability to sell retail products with the exception of Flower Hair Color Powders. These truly require more in depth knowledge and we want you to as successful as possible when working with the plants. Bloom members may absolutely invest in our Root + Bloom Flower Hair CARE Ritual set, but not Color. Thank you for your understanding!

Wildflower Gypsy is also working on cultivating a space for hi-lighting supportive product recommendations for your herbal practice like sustainable "foil" options, reading recommendations and a round up of some amazing stylists who are working towards the same goal of growing this Stylist Awakening.

What we need from you:

  1. If you have not already, create an account through our website. Your individual account keeps track of your Root or Bloom allowance.
  2. Follow this link to set up your affiliate link and receive your unique, shareable shopping link to earn 15% commission on every retail sale (with the exception of Flower Color Powders for Bloom members.) During registration, please leave a comment as to your membership of choice either Root or Bloom.
  3. Once we are notified of your account setup, we will email you your complimentary guides, dependent on your choice of Root or Bloom. Please read over these and immerse yourself in some beautiful, foundational information about flowers, herbs and hair health.
  4. Request to join our private, herbal hairstylist Instagram collective @wildflower.gypsy.gathering where we share questions, education and connect.
  5. Connect with our Root + Bloom Ritual Sets to support your herbal journey in understanding how flowers + plants work with our hair + scalp. All sets are at a stylist's rate, not retail to help encourage the use of tools you need on this growing, blooming path.
  6. Read our Terms of Service below


Terms of Service:
Commission Scale is 15% for all retail product sales for Root + Bloom Members. This is earned on first time purchases and reoccurring purchases.
Once you have reached $50 in commission, your funds will automatically be deposited into your PayPal account of choice.
You cannot earn commission or use your shopping link for personal, educational or salon purchases. 
Bloom Members may only sell and/or earn commission on Haircare + Flower Color Rinse products, not Flower Hair Color Powders. Our Flower Powders require more in depth training and would like you to be as prepared as possibly before offering them. If this is something you feel called to do, please let us know so we may change your membership to Root.
Commission will not be given on any guides, wholesale purchases, sets or stylist referrals at the moment.
Any Root + Bloom Affiliate Account will be cancelled after 90 days of inactivity. You will receive a notification of this cancellation. 
Once items are purchased, we will ship them lovingly to your guests door! You bring in abundance with your skills and creativity, but without the hassle of carrying retail products yourself or in salon.
*These terms are subject to change, we will contact you if anything changes. Please be mindful of these rules. Thank you!

EEEKKK!!! We are so excited to have you here on this journey with us! We will be in contact shortly with more information and education. In the mean time, feel free to get acquainted with our retail product descriptions and download our Free Natural Flower Hair Color Guide. This is our simple, foundational guide on herbal hair color options that everyone, stylist or not, may benefit from. And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.