I've been there. The burn out. The hustle. The body aches. The dizzying mind games. It's time for a revolution.

We Are The Movement.

With all things in my life, I find what sparks joy...and also what doesn't. In doing so, I have learned way to manage my energy to the best of my ability. This means working and doing life the way I want to, not the way others expect of me.

Yes, there are somethings we cannot avoid. Like bills. And taxes. But we can be intentional with our time, our gifts, our wants and desires. I have witnessed so many women putting their dreams on a pedestal only to be unable to reach their precious goals. Enough is enough. You are worthy of magick and healing and true bounty. Let's play a little!

I am offering a limited number of mentorship spots available to women in the hair industry looking to grow out of their current space and into a more authentic and peaceful place of self love and adventure. We are awakening to the toxicity that is the current hair industry; from the chemicals to the hustle to the body burden and lack of time with our family. I'd love nothing more than to help guide you to your own little slice of heaven during this human experience.

Everyone's wishes and needs are so unique! I try to keep an open mind and open space for your own learning and curiosity. This is NOT a space of telling you how to live your life or be like me, because well, I'm taken ;) However, you hold so much wonder and power within, let's get a little braver and see what awaits you on the other side of fear and the unknown.

I may be a little unconventional, but that's how I like it! Within our mentorship time, I love working with a variety of tools & support like:

  • Knowing Yourself on a Soul Level
  • Akashic Record & Intuitive Readings
  • Touching on Human Design & sharing wonderful souls who can help you dive more deeply into this concept.
  • Astrological insight from Astrologers I trust, because after all, we are made of ancient stardust
  • Dream Boards (and no I don't mean manifestation boards, you'll learn why!)
  • Plus the opportunity and freedom to Dream Hella Big!!! Like pie in the sky, if you could do or be or share anything, what would it be? Sometimes we get a little lost in the busy world chaos and forget we are allowed to freely dream and plan and PLAY!

And because you are a Woman of Hair, we can cover topics related to how you can incorporate your current skills and craft with what you want to birth into the world. If this is learning an energetic modality, or growing your herbal practice or simply ditching chemicals and using Wildflower and The Rose Herbal Hair Offerings, I'm here supporting you along the way.

I also want to give you permission to quit. Say what?!?

Yes, you heard me. If you're completely tapped out and ready to walk about from the hair world, I'm here for that too. I've lived it and know the feelings, worries, truths, concerns and freedom in choosing what's best for me and my soul. You will experience the same generosity and grace.

If this sounds like a relationship you want to explore more, please email me here and I will be in contact shortly. Tell me about yourself, what you're looking for, how I may guide you, etc. I do ask for your patience in that I am running this business solo, being Mama to little ones and allowing space for my body & mind to heal.

Cannot wait to connect Wildflower, chat soon

xoxo Chelsea

*Why are there no prices listed? Well because, this depends on your needs and my ability to support you! Once I receive your application form I will reach out and we can chat all the things, including investment and energetic exchange.