A Beauty Garden

A Beauty Garden

A Home Beauty Garden

I have been daydreaming about planting a beauty herb garden for a while now and this April felt like the right timing. For this year’s garden picks, I focused on herbs for natural hair and scalp care. I was able to nab some organic herbs from Herb Creek Nursery off of Victory Drive in Savannah. I always shop local when it comes to my plants, herbs and flowers and Herb Creek has stellar customer service. Any soil, pest or growing questions are always answered and I feel like I’m nerding out over plants with a friend.

I picked up organic basil, organic rosemary, organic garden sage, yarrow and some intensely fuchsia gomphrena flowers for added color in the garden. I already have several varieties of lavender growing at home, so I didn’t need to pick up anymore. I was really hoping to snag some last minute calendula or chamomile seeds too, but no luck. I have a home apothecary alongside Wildflower Gypsy’s products, so I can use the dried chamomile and calendula I have on hand. Next time I’ll most likely order seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company and start the chamomile and calendula inside around March time. Yes they require a little more work, but seeds are inexpensive and worth the wait!

Once I was home, Chloe and I sprayed ourselves with Wildflower Gypsy's Field + Forest Natural Bug Spray and then dug out our old, overgrown herb garden. We started fresh with a new soil called Baccto Gardening Soil. I really like this brand and soil option because it has a good mix of horticultural sphagnum peat moss and odor-free manure. It also retains moisture well without chemicals. They also have a really rich compost/manure blend to add to your vegetable garden called Wholly Cow. My husband and I have used it in the past and our plants did really well. You would just mix it with your current soil to add back nutrients and help retain moisture.

Once the new soil was in the raised bed, Chloe and I got to work organizing where our plants would go. Rosemary tends to grow tall and busy over the years, sage tends to grow lower to the ground and out to the sides, and basil tends to grow up. With this in mind, we set out our herbs and gomphrena plants.


I also found a cute set of slate garden stakes tucked in our gardening shed my sister got Chloe about a year ago from Target. Truthfully, I thought they were wooden ones and was hesitant to use them. Happily surprised they were stone! I used a permanent chalk marker to write each pants corresponding name. You can find similar ones here.

Once our herbs were happily in the ground, I simply added the stone stakes and lightly watered the ground around the plants. The look of a newly finished garden makes my heart sing and the fact that my toddler helped out, made it that much more special.

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Happy Monday Friends!!!