Looking For A Natural Hair Dye? Dye Your Hair With Flowers - HelloGiggles

Looking For A Natural Hair Dye? Dye Your Hair With Flowers - HelloGiggles

Interviewed + Written by Jessica DeFino for HelloGiggles

March 17, 2020

"What is “clean beauty”? And, for that matter, green beauty, eco-friendly beauty, and natural beauty? In this monthly column, clean beauty expert Jessica DeFino explores the ins and outs of these buzzy claims, reports on the products and ingredients to look out for, and answers all of the most pressing questions surrounding these topics."

"The more I researched, the more conflicted I felt about exposing myself—and my stylist—to dozens of potentially toxic substances in the name of “natural-looking” color.

Chelsea Kester, former salon colorist and founder of herbal hair care brand Wildflower Gypsy, had a similar realization in 2015. After becoming a mother and reconsidering the safety of her household products, “I was like, ‘Wait, what I am using in the salon? What am I breathing in, what’s on my skin when I rinse the color out, and how are these keratin treatments affecting me and my clients?’” she tells HelloGiggles. “I’d unintentionally been using these harmful chemicals for 12 years, and had health issues that were getting worse.”

The stylist began researching safer options. “What I found is there is so much information on skin care and food and cleaning products,” Kester explains. “But what about hair? There’s this void.”

Obviously, there are limits to what floral and herbal “dyes” can do in terms of color—but there are also distinct advantages when it comes to hair health.

“Don’t expect blue hair; that’s not going to happen,” the colorist warns. “Instead of it being a quick fix or a drastic change, as with everything in nature, rinses take a little bit longer.”

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